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Take your Professional Employer Organization (PEO) to the next level by adding candidate search services.

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Our Purpose

We built Talentuition to give PEOs a unique way to bridge the gap between pre-hire and post-hire administration. Adding Recruiting Process Outsourcing will make your client relationships even stronger and even more critical to your client’s success. From day one, we designed Talentuition to service PEOs specifically. With 15+ years experience in and around this industry, we fit naturally into your offering.

Hiring Philosophy

Finding skill sets and matching salary requirements just scratch the surface for the best hiring solution. TALENT is the most valuable employee trait. Employees can learn new skills and gain experience, but true talent is rare and hard to find. Software can search for years of experience and desired skill, but it takes the INTUITION of a professional evaluator to truly discover a candidate’s talents.

Why Add RPO?

Like many, you may be looking to win new deals, retain your best clients, and compete with larger PEOs. Recruiting is one of the fastest growing pain points in small businesses, and most PEOs only offer clients a recruiting software tool that, at best, allows them to ‘DIY’ recruit. To be a true full-service HR outsourcing firm, PEOs need to offer a real solution to one of the biggest HR challenges facing small businesses today.

Following Our Intuition to Bring You the Best Talent

We are a team of experienced, well trained recruiters that have a clear understanding of the PEO business model. Talentuition is not software as a solution, it is real people evaluating real talent.

Strategic Talent Development with You as Our Partner

We focus on “process outsourcing” more so than traditional headhunting or recruiting. Benefit from: time savings, cost savings, expertise access, bulk buying, and a fixed-cost pricing structure.

Improving Your Recruiting Process One Candidate at a Time

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