Why Add RPO?

Like most PEO’s, you may be looking for ways to win new deals, retain your best clients, and compete with larger PEO’s. Recruiting is one of the fastest growing pain points in small business, however, most PEO’s only offer clients a recruiting software tool that, at best, allows them to ‘DIY’ recruit. Or, they will offer a referral to an outside head hunter that is not cost effective.  To be a true full-service HR outsourcing firm, PEO’s need to offer a real solution to one of the biggest HR challenges facing small businesses today.

How to Work with Us

Your clients joined your PEOs for access to HR expertise, bulk buying advantages, and administrative HR outsourcing, all at an affordable cost point. We priced our services to fit perfectly into this model.  Clients won’t pay for job ads, won’t pay for hires, won’t pay for candidates or interviews. They pay a small monthly cost to you for our services.  This can be a dollar amount per payroll, a percentage of wages, or whatever method fits your current pricing model best. There are three ways you can partner with us:

  • Vendor Level: Simply offer our services as a ‘buy up’ option to all existing and prospective clients. Clients will have the choice of using our ‘Classic’ or ‘Advanced’ service levels.
  • Partner Level: Offer our services as a buy-up option to current clients but include the ‘Classic’ level for all new clients with the ‘Advanced’ level as an option. Any clients that opt to use the ‘Advanced’ level will have a revenue-sharing component to the PEO.
  • Strategic Partnership Level: Include ‘Classic’ level services to all existing and future clients with the ‘Advanced’ level as a buy-up option. Extremely low initial cost point and the highest level of revenue sharing for ‘Advanced’ services clients.

For Your PEO

Talentuition comes from the PEO world. From day one, we designed our company to service PEO’s specifically. We have more than 15 years of experience in the PEO industry and developed this company to fit naturally into your offering.

Key benefits:

  • Additional ‘hook’ for client retention
  • Low entry cost
  • Competitive advantage in the sales process
  • Additional revenue stream
  • No need to burden your HR staff when clients need recruiting
  • A co-branded solution makes for a seamless client experience
  • Help your clients grow, hire more worksite employees, and have fewer unemployment claims

For Your Clients

Our services are designed as “process outsourcing” more so than traditional headhunting or recruiting. We want your customers using the services for the same reasons they buy PEO (i.e. time savings, cost savings, expertise access, bulk buying, and level/fixed costs pricing structure). This is not to be positioned like normal recruiting where clients are paying huge costs for the result (the hire). In this service, they are paying for the process.

In today’s tight job market, employers of all sizes are looking for ways to manage the increasingly difficult task of finding quality candidates. The problem is amplified for the small business owner. Many do not have the time to effectively complete the task or the resources to hire expensive head hunters.

Having access to an HR department is a big reason they want to join your PEO. Now you can offer them access to the recruiting department as well.

  • Team of experienced, well-trained recruiters
  • Not software as a solution, real people evaluating real talent
  • Nationwide capabilities
  • A clear understanding of the PEO business model