How We Came About

In late 2003, after spending years selling recruiting services and employee benefits, our CEO Patrick Johnson went to work for a national PEO (Professional Employer Organization) as a district sales manager eventually working his way up to regional manager of the western US. In 2010, he left that PEO and, along with a business partner, started an HR consulting firm.

The HR consulting firm was built to offer high-end HR consulting and executive search services with a national footprint. Not a PEO. However, with many established industry relationships, PEO’s became natural strategic partners. Over the years, many successful projects were completed for PEO’s and their clients, however, something was missing the mark.

Recruiting seemed to always be a problem.

Service options usually fell into one of two categorize:

  1. Software as a Service (SaaS)We found PEO clients liked it as a good tool at a good price. However, the majority of the workload and expertise still fell to the worksite employer. Learning new software, paying for ads, and scheduling interviews simply did not solve the problem.
  2. Direct Hire RecruitingFor direct hire recruiting, the issue was the cost. It just didn’t make sense for a PEO client to spend the money on a professional headhunter for mid or entry-level positions. We realized that a huge gap exists between those options.

With this in mind, we developed a program specific to several select PEO client companies. It took us years to perfect the process, but in the end we built something we believe fits perfectly into PEO client needs. So, in late 2017 we spun this part of our consulting firm into its own company and Talentuition, LLC Candidate Search Services was born.

Why Partner with us for your PEO?

With our industry experience, we understand that PEO’s are pitched services almost daily. Services that will offer a ‘value add’ to their clients or will ‘make your clients happy’. While these are clearly good reasons to add our services, we know PEO’s need more. PEO’s are looking for ways to increase profits, not cut into them. Partnering with us will absolutely help you win more deals, and retain more clients, that is a given. We can also increase your revenues and directly affect your margins.

  • We can show you examples of PEO prospects signing up just to get our services.
  • We have a direct effect on increasing your number of worksite employees.
  • Better hiring has a direct correlation to improved turnover and unemployment rates.
  • You can leverage our services to lessen the blow of a client rate increase.
  • And finally, we offer great opportunities for revenue sharing.